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What Makes a Great Estate Agent’s Blog?

With the internet the favoured place for house hunters to start their home searches, estate agents must ensure they have an enticing, engaging and exciting online presence.

As online habits swing heavily towards social media platforms, the best estate agents understand the need to meet their audience within their online comfort zone if they want to gain influence.

For this reason, many estate agents are now starting their own blogs – but effective blogging is its own skill, and not necessarily on every agent will have instinctively.

Award Winning Property Marketing Blogs

Real estate website Movoto recently issued their own property marketing blog awards – and clearly outlined the criteria they had used to select the winner:

  • Variety: Blog owners posted pieces on a range of topics – from homes for sale to information on their area.
  • Frequency: Blogs were regularly updated with fresh relevant content.
  • Design/Usability: The blogs were user friendly and easy on the eye.
  • Social Media: Easy sharing was enabled so readers could help spread the word through networking platforms.

Blogs Should Be Part of a Social Media Strategy

Here at Photoplan we agree that these are all important elements of a great property marketing blog – which we would recommend any agent have as part of their social media for property marketing plan – and we also think that estate agent blogs should have:

  • Viral Potential: Are your blog posts linkbait? You need to be thinking about content that people will want to share to help you spread your message and raise your profile.
  • Aspirational Imagery: Are you posting property photography that will make your readers swoon? When it comes to visual media, it’s all about the wow factor!
  • Useful Information: It’s tempting to create conten simply to satisfy the search engines and bring in an audience through organic search – but readers will bounce of you have nothing new to offer, create unique, exciting and relevant content to keep them clicking. Know how important it is to engage with the online audience, to add value to industry conversations and create a buzz to bring in the buyers.


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