Video Property Marketing "Cheap and Effective"
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Video Property Marketing “Cheap and Effective”

Estate agents are strongly advised to incorporate web video property marketing as a standard element of their sales package to cater to the ever-expanding online marketplace.

Estate Agents Should Capitalise on YouTube

The company elaborated: “Real estate professionals not harnessing the power of YouTube videos or marketing their virtual tours on YouTube are neglecting an affordable and effective medium to attract new home buyers. Undoubtedly, it’s a vital component of any marketing strategy.”

Home sales experts maintain that video clips, videos, and virtual tours should be accessible online. Recent research reveals that more than half of all home seekers turn to YouTube for information and inspiration when searching for a new home.

Perks of Web Video Property Marketing

Opting for this type of visual media for marketing both homes and estate agencies has numerous advantages over some traditional media, including:

  • Boosting search performance – Since YouTube is part of the global Google franchise, it stands to reason that web video property marketing clips can also influence Google rankings, propelling content higher in search results and increasing online visibility.
  • Fostering Social Sharing – Web video is an optimal medium for sharing on social networking sites such as Facebook and Google+. Providing well-designed property marketing content can spark viral potential for your online home sales. Moreover, creating unique content bolsters the likelihood of being noticed and shared by the online audience.
  • Building an Emotional Connection – Selling houses often hinges on winning hearts. Consequently, the more media you provide for house-hunters in your marketing materials, the more opportunities they have to establish that crucial emotional connection with the property. Web video property marketing tools, such as virtual tours, aid buyers in visualizing themselves living in a home currently on the market.

Cost Implications of Video Clips for Home Selling

For many estate agencies, the cost is the primary consideration when selecting marketing materials. Nevertheless, web video property marketing doesn’t have to be exorbitant.

Agents and sellers can choose from a variety of options for their video clips, with a range of price points designed to accommodate any budget. The options available include:

  • Skillfully edited videos showcasing stills from existing property photography – supply existing images and pay for editing services.
  • Video or CGI 360 virtual tours of properties for sale – cover the costs of creation and editing.
  • Agent-guided video tours – pay for filming and editing.
  • Narrative advertisements (possibly with creative agency collaboration) – cover expenses for creative input, talent, direction, filming, etc.

By embracing the web video property marketing revolution and venturing into YouTube, you will undoubtedly unlock even more opportunities for exposure.


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