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Want to Sell Your Home? Be Careful Where the DIY Bug Bites

Since the 1990s and the heyday of TV home makeover programmes, we as a nation have been indulging in a love affair with home improvement.

And while Carol Smillie and her bright T-shirted  friends may no longer be gracing our screens with their weird and wonderful interiors ideas, a quick peek at the property photography of some of the country’s homes for sale reveals that their influence endures.

Estate Agents Issue Warning

For this reason, estate agents are once again issuing a warning to homeowners who have been bitten by the DIY bug – remaining them to be careful what “improvements” they perform if they are planning on marketing a property.

According to a recent “This is Money” article estate agents across the country have been faced with the results of poorly thought out improvements, many of which have had an adverse impact on a home’s saleability.

Home improvement property lowlights include:

  • Feature paintwork with unusual effects.
  • Textured finishes applied to wood and paintwork.
  • Poorly executed or overly personal murals.

eMoov founder Russell Quirk confirmed: “‘Many people have been bitten by “changing rooms” disasters.”

Think Carefully Before Investing in Improvements

In a tough market, estate agents are recommending that homeowners think carefully before investing in so-called improvements – as many are unlikely to bring big returns.

Instead vendors are advised to spend time ensuring that the basic desires of the buyer are catered to – by ensuring that a home appears clean and cared for.



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