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360 Virtual Tours Boost Power of Online Listings

Yesterday we were extolling the virtues of visual media for property selling purposes, and today we have seen the proof that these enticing tools are really working for vendors – especially virtual tours.

According to Realtor.com, recent research reveals that homes whose listings include access to a virtual tour facility receive 150% more interest than those without.

Home Tour Tech Instrumental in Increasing Interest

From photographic 360 virtual tours, to guided video clips, to CGI mock-ups it seems that allowing house hunters to get a real feel for the flow of a property is instrumental in increasing interest from potential purchasers.

A quick canvas of estate agents reveals a number of theories on why virtual tours are so effective in generating buyer interest, including:

  • Independence: House hunters like to be able to explore as much of a home as possible on their own initiative before have to reveal their hand to the seller or selling agent. People feel comfortable online, and so are willing to take the time to take the tour.
  • Temptation: In a world of social sharing, we simply can’t resist giving something that looks like it might be interesting a click. House hunters are sharing virtual tours of homes online, which is, in turn increasing the audience for listings.
  • Accessibility: While estate agents may work office hours, the internet is always on so buyer can view homes at all hours of the day or night. And with the advent of mobile browsing, house hunting and virtual tours can be used to fill idle time wherever you are and whatever your doing.


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