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Virtual Tour Apps Making Workouts More Interesting

Virtual tours apps have already revolutionised the way we explore the world online, and now they are set to have a huge impact on our active lives as well.

Enterprising app developers have taken the same kinds of 360 virtual tour technology used to offer internet users an interactive experience of otherwise unfamiliar environments and used it to add a new dimension to gym workouts.

Transform Workout Experience With Virtual Tour Apps

While most marketers have been looking at virtual tours as simply a great tool for selling houses and other products,  fitness focused virtual tour apps such as FitTrip and Virtual Runner have developed a system that offers fitness fanatics the opportunity to transform their workout experiences within four walls – by syncing virtual tour imagery with machine based movement to create a truly immersive fitness experience.

With the help of their tablets, gym users can now transform a treadmill-based run from an exercise in endurance to an exciting new experience, exploring a range of exciting environments.

Sync Virtual Tours and Workouts for Immersive Experience

Virtual tour apps offering everything from fresh forest trails to exciting new neighbourhoods  or hilltop hikes use data from your use of workout machines such as  treadmills, exercise bikes and even rowing machines to propel you though the virtual tour space as if you are really there.

Virtual runner relies on a clever foot pod to track your steps and sync your perceived movement with the scenes on screen, while FitTrip hooks up to a heart monitor which sends information on the level of exertion you are experiencing to adjust the speed of what you see.

Fitness Apps Use Virtual Tour Tech to Add Excitement

FitTrip’s own website explains: “Want to ride in the French Alps? Climb in Patagonia? Run on the sandy beaches of Cozumel? We’ve got you covered. FitTrip takes your workout to locations all over the world; so you can run, bike, row, or try a new sport in an exotic destination.”

While Virtual runner promises: “Multiple racecourses, running routes and trails professionally shot and edited, all filmed in High Definition from a runner’s vantage point.” And offers users the option to: “Add in your own self made videos of your own local or vacation running routes.”

Immersive Imagery Distracts from Workout Discomfort

Speaking about the release of FitTrip Tech Crunch’s Chris Velasco said: “Once you lash your tablet to the workout contraption of your choice and fire up the app, you’re given the option to choose from a slew of locales to immerse yourself in.

“From there, you’re treated to a video of your chosen course to take your mind off the intense physical discomfort you’re feeling — throw in a few electric fans to simulate the wind whipping your hair around and it’s almost like you’re enjoying the great outdoors indoors.”

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