Use Image-Led Social Media to Showcase Property Photography
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Use Image-Led Social Media to Showcase Property Photography

Here at Photoplan we’ve been banging the drum for social media property marketing for a while now, because we truly believe that to be competitive in the modern market estate agents need to go where the audience is online.

And while many agents and agencies have heeded to call to get stuck in to social sites, we thought it was worth reminding you that it isn’t ALL about Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Sea Change Good For Home Sales

With the explosion of accessible digital and mobile camera technology, online content has undergone a sea change, with image centric sites experiencing a huge boom on popularity – which is great news for home sellers since these platforms really lend themselves to the promotion of property photography.

And, with most estate agencies already benefitting from the quality imagery supplied by a professional property photographer the good news is that making the most of these platforms should not require too much additional effort.

Use Pinterest and Instagram for Property Marketing

A spokesman for ebrand marketing explained:  “Since real estate leverages pictures as the main marketing piece to represent a home, one does not need to spend much time in the feeding and nurturing of these sites in order to build a following and drive inbound marketing leads.”

Of course, the uninitiated will need to spend time creating profiles for their property marketing and familiarising themselves with the platform if they intend to manage their own online presence, or may wish to consider employing professional social media management to carry out the task on their behalf.


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