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Turn Your Listing into Linkbait!

Every property marketing professional knows how important reaching the online audience is when it comes to selling houses, but knowing what you need to do and understanding how to do it are two very different things.

Here we take a look at how property marketing listings reach the online audience – and how you can take advantage of online behaviour to push homes for sale to the fore.

In the world of online marketing, content that people want to bookmark and share is called linkbait – and this is what every property marketing professional should be aiming to create when they put a listing online.

How to Make a Property Marketing Listing Popular

There are a range of ways that people arrive on a property’s listing page online; they may find it through a regular property search, but they could also come across it while engaging in other online activities – that it if you pitch it perfectly!

With social media sharing and online bookmarking hugely popular with internet users, property marketing professionals should consider what it is that makes people want to highlight a property listing to others online. If you want your property marketing page to attract more online interest consider some of the following “hooks” to attract a bigger audience.

  • Is it BEAUTIFUL: The internet is a very visual medium. So breathtaking property photography of stunning spaces or exquisite interiors can sometimes be enough to persuade people to share your link.
  • Is is INTERESTING: Does the property have a unique story to tell? Don’t keep it to yourself! Consider contacting relevant publications with a press release explaining why the property is important and ask them to include a link to the listing in any coverage they create, or write a blog and link to  your listing
  • Is it FUNNY: Even the most run of the mill property can be made more interesting by a new, or even irreverent, perspective. With the permission of the homeowner, consider a brutally honest description, or a satirical take on the expected estate agents speak – doing something a little different is likely to get you noticed – and, as they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity!

Use Your Own Social Media Savvy

Whatever approach you choose, make sure you have the infrastructure in place to get the word out to the web – use your own social media and bookmarking profiles to share what you have created with others who might be interested –  if you are lucky, you may have just created you very own little bit of linkbait!


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