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Top tips for selling your home

To get traffic moving to your listed home, here are some top tips offered by real estate agents, from interviews carried out by the Wisconsin State Journal:

Make an offer yourself: traditionally buyers wait for a seller to make an offer, but it doesn’t have to be that way, and writing an offer to a potential buyer can help engage them, Jo Ferraro, an agent at Century 21, reportedly says.

Use social networking: creating a blog and updating it with posts, property photography and a 360 virtual tour can help, especially if you’re looking to sell a number of units in a development for instance, Keller Williams agent Lynn Holley reportedly says,Invest in good property photography and staging/design: using professional photographers and accessories to beautify your home can boost its appeal, Stark Co agent Jim Schuessler reportedly says.

Engage: sellers should talk to their agent if they don’t feel their property is being marketed aggressively enough, Ferraro reportedly says. A property profile page should be visually striking online and accurate, as well as having “instant click” technology that lets potential buyers immediately send a text message and find the number of the agent, according to the publication.


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