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Tips on Using CGIs in Property Marketing Materials

Tips on Using CGIs in Property Marketing Materials

Every estate agents knows that a great picture can really help sell a home – but what if spaces aren’t being shown in their best light when it’s time for  the shoot?

There are a number of reasons why straight shooting property photography may not result in the best possible pictures for your property marketing materials, for example:

  • The property is a new build requiring finishing.
  • The property is rented and tenants have accessorised to their own “acquired” taste.
  • The property is vacant and unfurnished and therefore lacks character.

In these cases many property marketing professionals turn to CGIs (computer generated imagery) in order to be able to show pictures of a property at its most appealing.

Computer Generated Imagery Shows Properties’ Potential

CGIs come in many forms, for example graphic designers can use 3D design programmes to create a mock up of an as yet unfinished property, can use computer editing to retouch existing pictures or can combine elements of existing photographs with “virtual” additions in order digitally stage a space and reveal its full potential.

House Hunters Appreciate Visual Aids

Many house hunters appreciate being offered a visual aid to help them see past unfinished and undressed properties, but recent reports have shown that some feel shortchanged when the reality does not match up to the images – which is why it is really important that enhanced images are always labelled as such.

While agents offering properties off plan will not be likely to face any problems, those selling existing homes with the aid of CGIs may wish to consider using side by side property photography and CGIs in order to show the property as is, as well as illustrating its potential.



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