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The Ultimate Property Marketing Tech – The 360° Virtual Tour!

360° Virtual Tours are here to stay

One of the (few) benefits of the various lockdowns in the UK over the last few years has been a shift in people’s attitudes to doing more things online – seeing the grandkids, chatting with friends, buying food online or buying or renting a property.

Even the most traditional high-street estate agents have had to revise their views that sales are lost and won by their powers of persuasion and the way they interact with customers. So, they, too, have been keen to get started using 360° virtual viewings.

Have traditional property viewings come back fully? While physical viewings have their place when a buyer is close to sealing the deal, 360° viewings are here to stay – and in a big way. 

Now that buyers, sellers, renters, and estate agents can all see the real advantages of virtual viewings, there is no going back. And below are just a few reasons why:


360° viewings are a huge time-saver

It’s a massive relief for buyers not to spend weekends and evenings mid-week having to trudge around numerous properties before they settle on their dream home. Also, for sellers not to be constantly tidying up in readiness for that phone call from their estate agent that someone has popped into the office and wants a quick viewing – now.

Suppose you have put your home on the market. In that case, the average time from advertising a property until an offer is accepted is around four and a half months, according to the latest figures from the property portal Rightmove. So, allowing for two viewings a week, you could see 16 buyers trudging through your home before you sell.

Virtual viewings also mean buyers don’t have to meet annoying time wasters who are just dipping their toes in the property market and cannot buy immediately. 

In contrast, a live 360° viewing – where the estate agent is available to answer a buyer’s questions on Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook, for example – only takes a few minutes, and viewings can be arranged, and Photoplan offers this tech as Standard. 

Professional Photography is essential, but 360° viewings are better.

While good-quality professional photos are essential too, the experience of a 360° virtual tour can give potential buyers and renters an insight into what a property is really like, how it matches their lifestyles and even where their furniture could go. 

You’re not limited to local buyers

Virtual viewing can be arranged from anywhere in the world – and any time of the day or night. All buyers or renters need is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer and an internet connection. And if they do their viewings in GMT hours, they can ask the agent questions via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom while on the 360° Virtual Tour.

360° Virual tours are environmentally friendly

There is no question that buying, selling, and renting through 360° virtual viewings is much more eco-friendly because it will reduce the number of potential buyers and tenants who drive to property viewings. Road transport is a significant cause of congestion in the UK, leading to poor air quality and increasing CO2 emissions. 

As more and more people become accustomed to the convenience of virtual viewings, it’s clear that 360° tours are here to stay. From saving time and energy to reaching a wider audience, this technology has many benefits. And with the bonus of being eco-friendly, it’s no wonder that more and more estate agents and buyers are embracing virtual viewings. As the world adapts to the post-pandemic challenges, virtual tours will play an increasingly important role in the property market. So why not try one out and see how much time and hassle it can save you?

See some of the 360 Virtual Tour projects we have completed.


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