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Something for the Weekend – Denim Decor

Something for the Weekend – Denim Decor

Well, it turns out that February 26th is the anniversary of the birth of blue jeans pioneer Levi Strauss. So, as a nod to the man behind our favourite casual attire today we decided to take a look at denim-inspired decor.

While the riveted, hard-wearing trousers were originally intended as practical workwear, the material they are made of has become an enduring feature of everything from fashion to soft furnishings for many years.

So, we have trawled the web to see how people use jeans themes in their homes, with some great results.  Check out these great blogs for a bit of denim-themed DIY, complete with mouthwatering interiors photography for all you fans of property peeking!

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Denim – Fine Magazine investigates how to get it right and how it can go wrong. Examples of subtle and overt denim use in interior decor.
  • Forever in Blue Jeans – Apartment Therapy explores the possibilities offered by denim decor. Examples of denim accessories as well as jeans-inspired interiors.
  • Denim Decor Dressing – Ideas on how to inject a bit of blue jeans beauty into your interiors. S.A.S Interiors looks at how to execute the difficult denim trend.
  • Workwear Walls? – Times Union explored how the rough and ready fabric theme can be used in colour choices as well as accessories. Everything from denim paint to denim panels.
  • Beautiful Blue Denim – House Beautiful showcases a great example of this interior style – as executed by designer Kirsten Panitch. Check out the interior photography slideshow for ideas.


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