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Referral Program

Introducing our exciting new Referral Program - your opportunity to earn commission while sharing our service with your clients and saving thousands each year.

Joining our referral platform unveils a realm of unparalleled opportunities and benefits that are designed not only to elevate your business connections but also to significantly enhance your earning potential. Here’s why signing up with us should be your next strategic move. 

Hassle-Free Signup Process:

Our sign-up process is streamlined and hassle-free, designed to usher you into a world of opportunities swiftly. To add to the convenience, we have integrated Google Sign-Up, allowing for a faster and more secure entry. This feature enables you to join our community with just a few clicks using your Google account, eliminating the need for additional passwords and usernames. You can of course use any email address you want it doesn’t have to be Google. 

Generous 15% Commission Structure:

One of the standout benefits of our platform is the rewarding commission structure. Earn a substantial 15% commission on each sale through, guaranteeing that you never have to pay for our service whilst establishing a steady stream of income as you broaden your business horizons.


Your Affiliate Link

At the core of our Referral Program is your personalised Affiliate Link, a tool that you can tailor to your preferences directly within our platform. Sharing this link with your vendors or landlords becomes your straightforward path to earning guaranteed commissions. It’s as simple as customise, share, and earn!

Who do we Work with?

  1. Estate Agents
  2. Property Managers
  3. Landlords
  4. Vendors
  5. Digital Marketers
  6. Real Estate Consultants and Advisers
  7. Individuals with a Wide Network
  8. Blogs and Content Creators

What's our Process?

  1. Sign-Up: Register on the platform, optionally using the swift Google Sign-Up feature for convenience.

  2. Customize Your Affiliate Link: Once registered, access the platform to customize your affiliate link according to your preferences, making it ready for sharing.

  3. Promotion and Sharing: Share your personalised affiliate link with potential vendors or landlords within your network, using various platforms such as social media, emails, or through direct communication.

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