A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Home for Photoshoot
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Home

Real Estate Photoshoot | A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning your home before a real estate photoshoot is crucial for presenting your property in the best light. Here’s a guide on how to effectively clean and prepare your home for a photoshoot, along with recommendations for some of the best cleaning products:

1. Declutter and Depersonalize

  • Objective: Create a neutral, inviting space. Remove personal items like photos, papers, and excessive decorations.
  • Tip: Use storage boxes to temporarily hide personal items.

2. Deep Clean

  • Focus Areas: Kitchens and bathrooms should be spotless. Pay attention to countertops, appliances, sinks, and faucets.
  • Recommended Products:
    • Multi-Surface Cleaner: A good quality multi-surface cleaner, like Mr. Clean Multi-Surfaces or Method All-Purpose Cleaner, is essential for wiping down countertops and cabinets.
    • Glass Cleaner: Use Windex or a similar glass cleaner for mirrors and windows to ensure they are streak-free.
    • Bathroom Cleaner: Products like Scrubbing Bubbles or Clorox Bathroom Cleaner are effective for tiles, bathtubs, and toilets.

3. Floors and Carpets

  • Objective: Ensure all floors are clean and free of stains.
  • Recommended Products:
    • Vacuum Cleaner: A powerful vacuum cleaner is crucial, especially for carpets.
    • Mop and Floor Cleaner: For hardwood or tiled floors, a Swiffer WetJet or Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner can be very effective.
    • Carpet Cleaner: For deeper stains, consider a carpet cleaner like Vanish or a professional cleaning service.

4. Dusting and Polishing

  • Focus Areas: Dust all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, and electronics.
  • Recommended Products:

5. Odour Elimination

  • Objective: Ensure your home smells fresh and clean.
  • Recommended Products:
    • Air Fresheners: Products like Febreze or a scented candle can help.
    • Baking Soda: A natural deodorizer for carpets and upholstery.

6. Lighting and Windows

  • Objective: Maximize natural light.
  • Tip: Ensure all light fixtures are clean and bulbs are working. Clean windows inside and out for maximum light.

7. Final Touches

  • Objective: Create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Tip: Add fresh flowers or plants, and arrange furniture aesthetically.

8. Exterior Cleaning

  • Focus Areas: Clean the entrance, porch, and any outdoor areas.
  • Recommended Products:


Remember, the goal is to make potential buyers envision themselves living in your home. A clean, well-presented home can make a significant difference in how quickly it sells and at what price. Don’t underestimate the power of a good cleaning!

Using the right products and following these steps will help ensure your home looks its best for the photoshoot, potentially adding value to your property in the eyes of potential buyers.

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