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Property Photography Award Winner Shares Home-Shooting Tips

Property Photography Award Winner Shares Home-Shooting Tips

After being named as the PFRE Top Property Photographer of 2011, winner Dave Rezendes decided to share a few of his pointers for creating great pictures for property marketing.

In an interview with AOL Real Estate, the Hawaiian property photographer offered a number of tips on how to put together perfect property photography.

The lifestyle photographer had a number of hints for would-be home photographers, which we have decided to share the best of here, along with some of our own property photography wisdom.

Wide Angle Advice

Dave says: “Don’t assume that wider is better.”

We say: “Definitely don’t ignore the details! Dave is right when he says that, while wide angles may show off a space, focusing on an interesting or period feature in some shots can really help establish the character of a home.

The Importance of Perspective

Dave says: “Keep perspective in mind.”

We say: “Absolutely, people don’t realise that when shooting property photography you might need to shift a sofa or turn a table to better represent the space in a two-dimensional medium.”

Sort Bad Staging

Dave says: “Keep an eye on the staging,” and “Avoid any clutter.”

We say: “It’s really important that property photographers notice any distractions in the shot, as Dave points out – fixing them in the editing stages can be a real pain.”

Stay out of the Shot!

Dave says: “Double-check to see that neither you nor your equipment is visible.

We say: “You’d be surprised how many property marketing professionals actually end up shooting a self-portrait or two when attempting to take pictures of a home! Windows, mirrors and even reflective ornaments can pose a problem, so beware.”


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