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One we use ourselves at Photoplan is Picasa…

Picasa is owned by Google, and so it integrates well with Gmail and other Google product users. The sharing site offers its users various editing options as well as full integration with the Blogger platform. The first gigabyte is free for users. Afterward, Google charges for storage. As it is, there is nothing very truly extraordinary about the service, but it isn’t really a bad one either.

The downside to all this is that you allow Google to do whatever they want with the photos that you upload. In addition to this, it has a weird and sometimes confusing interface, which is unusual for Google. If there was a site that would fall in the middle of good and bad sites, it would be Picasa. Part of this has to do with Google’s, “Content License from you” which allows the company to do whatever they want with the photos, even making them available to other companies.

Choose Picasa if you love everything Google and you want an easier way to integrate it into your life.


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