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Online Estate Agents Urged to Reconsider SEO Strategies

Online Estate Agents Urged to Reconsider SEO Strategies

Estate agents may be missing a trick when it comes to cornering an online audience, says a company specialising in search engine optimisation for property marketing firms.

According to Commercial Real Estate SEO, property marketing professionals may be business savvy – but they don’t always understand the unique demands of the online environment, and miss the opportunity to bring in relevant new leads through their offsite optimisation.

Property Marketing Professionals Must Top Search Results

In a statement issued this week through Empowered News, the company urged property marketing firms with an online presence to rethink their SEO strategies, explaining that reaching the first page of results for potential client searches was the key to generating profitable new leads online.

A spokesman for Commercial Real Estate SEO explained that cornering the cyber market was about more than just putting up a great looking website for existing customers and using content scattered with broad term property marketing keywords that could apply to other estate agencies across the industry. In their experience those looking to excel needed to carry out careful keyword research for terms that were specific to their own business and had less competition in cyber space. He said: “With a little bit of patience, you can find relevant search terms that can by captured with a low barrier to entry.”

SEO Should Include Social Media Marketing and Backlink Building

The experts recommend that estate agents use a combination of offsite SEO strategies including social media marketing and backlink building to target more specific keywords and bring in the right kind of cyber client.

Can you imagine how complicated things would be if posting content on your website or social media required you to do your own coding? This is where content management software would be useful.


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