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Is Mixed Reality VR the future of Real Estate Marketing?

Virtual Reality has been an ever-evolving idea since the 1990s when Lawnmower Man came to our screens and most recently with Stephen Speilberg’s Ready Player One and actor Ryan Reynolds’s in Fall Guy. We have the desire to take ourselves away from the horrors we hear on the News and be transported away.

We have been at the forefront of 360° Virtual Tours and 3D Scanning for the last 18 years. However, this medium has come into its own more recently within the Global Pandemic and the inability to travel to residential or commercial properties in person. 

With buyer demand still high, the property technology that is a 360° Virtual Tour boomed. As a result, we were entrusted with creating Virtual Tours worldwide, with Projects in the US, New York, Maryland and Miami. The 360° Virtual tour has become mainstream and will be a marketing resource well into the future.

Headsets will be Key for mainstream Adoption


With the latest launch of the Meta’s Quest Pro VR headset, this might well be a combination of 360° Virtual Tours in a mixed medium experience or Mixed Reality.

The new Headset boasts thinner lenses, a curved battery around the head strap at the back, and controllers that self-track. The Headset also allows users to see their real environment around the screen’s periphery.

The metaverse will be the new platform for property search and viewings, but how quickly this becomes mainstream will depend on several factors. The sales of the headsets, whether this be Meta’s offering or this list of headsets. It will be essential to have a common portal for apps to download and explore. Developers will be reluctant to develop multiple apps with differing codes. So will this be the new battle from the 1980s where BetaMax ultimately lost out to VHS even with better technology at its core?

It will be exciting to see what is around the corner, and we look forward to being part of the content creation for this new technological advance in VR & property marketing.


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