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Internet Property Listings are like “Online Dating Profiles”

Internet Property Listings are like “Online Dating Profiles”

A property photography professional has compared internet property listings with online dating profiles – claiming that those viewing both have similar levels of expectation.

With ninety per cent of property searches reportedly beginning online in the modern market, the property photography featured on internet listings carries the weight of responsibility when it comes to creating a first impression.

Show off Aesthetics – But Don’t Mislead the Audience

And according to property photography expert David Paler, the aim of the game when shooting homes for sale is to show off aesthetics to their best advantage without ever misleading the audience.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, property photographer Paler explained that photo-trickery and over editing might produce some stunning shots, but could also lead to false expectations on the part of the potential purchaser – which could in turn stymie a sale.

The article compares the experience to that of those who felt duped into agreeing to a date by a fake or ancient profile pic on a dating site, explaining that no one reacts well to what they perceive as deception.

“If you take a picture and make this small place look huge, people come into the apartment and they become disappointed,” Paler explained.

Successful Property Photography Showcases Without Subterfuge

Instead, the property photography veteran uses his broad knowledge and skill set to shoot the best possible realistic representations of rooms – saying that the most successful shots are those that showcase spaces without subterfuge.

“It’s a tricky business because we have to shoot what’s there,” he said.  “We have to really make the best of it.”


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