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Instagram Property Photography for Estate Agents

In an industry where image, and imagery is everything, estate agents need to be on photo sharing sites like Instagram…

Instagram Property Photography for Estate Agents

It makes perfect sense that, in an industry where online search and property photography are two of the most important marketing considerations, Estate agents should be on Instagram.

The photo sharing site may have been overlooked by some estate agents because of its narrow image-led focus – which, at first glance, could seem harder to manipulate for property marketing purposes than mixed-media SM sites

But with property photography playing such a huge role in people’s choice of home, and indeed their choice of estate agent, it makes sense that property sales pros should give it a go.

With a massive 100 million global users, Instagram has the potential to take your property images to a massive audience, who in turn will be able to seek further information on your business and home listings through other online channels.

Instagram Tips for Estate Agents

To help you navigate your way round yet another MUST-HAVE social site (are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to outsource your social media management?) we have put together a few simple tips for property marketers using Instagram.

  • Only upload amazing images – Instagram is all about the image – if your property photography is not up to scratch don’t show it to the internet! Make sure you have top quality exterior and interior photography as the starting off point, if in doubt book a professional property photographer.
  • Use your #hashtags to help sell houses. Make sure that you tag pictures with relevant identifiers (use tags for the local area, the type of lifestyle offered, specific desirable features pictured.
  • Engage with the Instagram audience. Social sites should be sociable, and if you don’t join in conversations you won’t create the same connection. Take time to peruse content that may be relevant to your area and potential clients and add your input to increase your credibility.




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