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How Property Marketing Blogs Win Clients and Sell Houses

“I’m busy selling houses, I don’t have time to worry about property marketing blogs!”

If this is the first thought that flashed through your mind when you read the title, stick around and we will explain why a property marketing blog is an all important part of your online presence.

What are Property Marketing Blogs?

The word blog comes from “weblog” – the name originally given to online journals and collections of articles, but blogging has become a culture all of its own, with property marketing blogs having  the potential to reach a massive online market and influence opinion.

Blogs offer an online space where estate agents and other property marketing pros can share their opinions, insights and expertise, as well as creating a first point of contact for many online consumers.

Why Should Estate Agents Blog?

We all know that more than 90% of home searches start online, which means that the internet is the place to be if you want to connect with house hunters, and where you must be SEEN to be if you want to be trusted with homes for sale.

Property marketing blogs can serve a number of purposes for the estate agent such as:

  • Establishing Online Identity – with so much choice in the property marketing market, choosing to blog helps an estate agent to put their own professional personality out there, offering potential vendors and house hunters a chance to learn about your experience,  understand your businesses values, and identify with existing clients.
  • Displaying Industry Expertiseoffering blog posts with helpful information on industry practices and developments shows that an estate agent knows their onions, while building a solid base of optimised estate agency related content can help to bring in clients looking both to buy and sell houses through search engines.
  • Informing and Influencing– Estate agents can use their property marketing blogs to supply information to vendors and purchasers, which could potentially have a positive influence on their buying and selling decisions. Using the blog to share inside information on a street or neighbourhood may help attract buyers who might otherwise not have considered the area, while sharing sales news could demonstrate success and attract sellers.
  • Contribute to Conversations – Using a blog to offer ideas and opinions on the latest hot topics in property marketing not only demonstrates expertise, but also provides unique conten for estate agents to share in social media circles.

Building  Property Marketing Blogs

Estate agents can choose to incorporate a blog into their existing website or can opt to start an external blog that will signpost back to their blog. However property marketing pros considering blogging should bear in mind that choosing a separate blog may be cheaper in the short term, but will significantly reduce the search benefits of creating optimised blog content as this will be externally hosted.

Once a platform has been created, posts should be added to property marketing blogs on a regular basis, to ensure that regular visitors are always faced with fresh reads when they return.





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