Mapping Your Vision

Floor Plans

Dedicated Floor Plan Service


Photoplan offers a dedicated service for ordering professional floor plans to be produced. Our specialists will measure the size and orientation of your space, before sending you accurate floor plans to use as a basis in designing custom rooms. 

Once your floor plan is complete, we will send you confirmation that it’s ready, and you will either be sent it via email or download it from our booking application. 

  • Simple easy, let us do the work
  • Laser Measured for accuracy
  • Jpeg, PDF or Wmf files 

3D Floor Plans 


Let us create beautiful static 3D floor plans of your property from just £99 ex vat per floor. These are simply perfect for anyone wanting to give that added extra dimension to their marketing mix. 

  • Simple easy, let us do the work
  • High-Res images delivered as Jpeg files 
  • We use any 2D floor plan and create 3D versions. 
  • A large library of 3D model to ensure we can create a very close representation. 

DIY Floor Plans – Sketchplan


At Sketchplan we convert your drawn floor plan sketches into professional-looking 2D or 3D  floor plans at a fraction of the cost of using our professional floor plan service.

  • Simple easy, let us do the work
  • High-Res images delivered as Jpeg files 
  • Simply use our how-to guide to measure your property
  • You sketch we deliver the finished plan
  • 2D & 3D floor plans are available 

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