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Estate Agents Need Help with Social Media Selling

Estate Agents Need Help with Social Media Selling

Any estate agent worth their salt knows that, these days, online is where it’s at.

And while property marketing sites may be the first port of call for house hunters looking for their next purchase, sensible sellers also recognise the power of social media when it comes to achieving sales.

Successfully Supplement Your Social Media Profiles

Many estate agents these days have social media profiles, ensuring that they have a nominal presence on the most popular social networking platforms, but the best property marketing professionals recognise that an effective online presence is about more than just a few tweets and status updates.

For this reason many are turning to blogging to support their other sales techniques.

A property marketing blog offers agents the opportunity to really engage the online audience and bring them to their business and portfolio in a less direct fashion – with many landing on company blog posts through organic search using engines such as Google and Bing.

Useful posts also allow companies to share new and unique content through their social media profiles, helping to establish them as an authority in their own area.

Creating Effective Blog Content for Property Marketing

However, while estate agents might be great at selling houses, engaging an online audience might not come so naturally.

Taking into account editorial voice, subtle calls to action in place of overt sales, and search engine optimisation can be confusing for the newcomer to online editorial – so agencies may wish to consider bringing in outside social media management to ensure that their posts are perfectly pitched.

“Blogs are a really clever way of creating leads,” explained Photoplan managing director Ben Gutierrez.

“However, people need to be able to connect with your content for it to be effective. Using a social media management service to create high quality blog posts that not only rank better in search results, but also combine value for the reader with subtle sales is a great way of boosting your online business.”



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