Capturing Royalty: A Guide to Photographing the Coronation
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Royal Coronation

Capturing Royalty: A Guide to Photographing the Coronation Weekend

The coronation of King Charles presents a unique opportunity for photography enthusiasts to capture a piece of history. From the grand ceremony to the jubilant street parties, there are countless moments to photograph during this once-in-a-lifetime event. In this guide, we will provide tips and suggestions on how to make the most of the coronation weekend through your camera’s lens.

  1. Plan your locations

To ensure you capture the best shots, research and plan your locations. Identify critical spots where you can photograph the ceremony, such as public viewing areas with large screens or iconic landmarks with a royal connection. So scout out vibrant neighbourhoods and community gathering spots for street parties and other festivities. Planning will save you time and help you avoid missing out on unique photo opportunities.

  1. Arrive early

Popular locations are likely to be crowded during the coronation weekend, so arriving early is crucial. This will allow you to secure a good vantage point for capturing the ceremony and other events. Additionally, arriving early gives you the opportunity to photograph the build-up of excitement and anticipation as the crowd gathers.

  1. Use the right gear

Ensure you have the right equipment to capture the essence of the coronation weekend. A versatile zoom lens will allow you to photograph close-up shots and broader scenes. A tripod can stabilise long exposures or capture the ceremony on large screens. Don’t forget extra memory cards and batteries, as you’ll likely be taking many photos throughout the weekend.

  1. Capture candid moments

While the coronation ceremony will undoubtedly be the main focus, don’t overlook the candid moments that will unfold around you. Document the reactions and emotions of the crowd, as well as the lively atmosphere at street parties and other events. These candid shots can tell a more personal and intimate story of the coronation weekend.

  1. Experiment with angles and perspectives

To create visually compelling images, experiment with different angles and perspectives. Try capturing the ceremony from a low angle to emphasize its grandeur or photograph street parties from above to showcase the vibrancy of the crowd. By thinking outside the box, you can create unique and memorable images that stand out from typical coronation photos.

  1. Pay attention to the lighting.

Lighting conditions can significantly impact the quality of your photographs. Be prepared for various lighting scenarios, from bright sunlight to cloudy skies or artificial lights during nighttime events. Adjust your camera settings accordingly and consider using a reflector or fill flash to balance harsh shadows or illuminate subjects.

  1. Edit and curate your photos.

After the coronation weekend, spend time editing and curating your photographs. Enhance your images by adjusting exposure, contrast, and colour balance, and remove unwanted distractions. Curate your best shots into a cohesive collection that tells the story of the coronation weekend and showcases your skills as a photographer.

Photographing the coronation of King Charles is a rare opportunity to capture a historical event and create a lasting visual record. By planning, using the right equipment, and capturing candid moments and unique perspectives, you can create a stunning portfolio of images that celebrate this momentous occasion. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the experience of documenting the coronation weekend through your lens.


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