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Your House Might Already Be Sold!

Is your home on the market? Did you know that even if you haven’t yet had a viewing your could have already “sold” your property? But only if you pitched your property marketing materials perfectly!

According to a recent survey by property marketing website Rightmove 12 buyers in every hundred make the decision to buy based solely on property marketing materials they see online or in a newspaper – before they have even arranged a viewing.

Buyers Commit Based on Property Marketing

Rightmove’s results show that 8% of buyers make up their mind to purchase a property after viewing an online listing and a further 4% are persuaded by property marketing materials in print.

And while this might only account for a small percentage  of property purchasers, the online property giant also discovers that two out of five buyers had made up their minds about a home before they had gone any further than the hallway – illustrating that their initial impressions had allowed them to form an emotional connection that was only enhanced with first glimpse of the interior.

The Importance of First Impressions

All of which just goes to show how important it is to prepare property marketing materials carefully in order to hook the emotional buyer – commissioning professional property photography, offering glossy brochures and making your listing easily accessible online through search sites and social media platforms.

Miles Shipside, director of Rightmove explained: “Nothing stirs the emotions of the British public quite like home-hunting and many buyers already have a picture in their heads of their ‘dream home’ as they begin the property search process.

“When a property ticks all the right boxes straight away, many buyers can make quick, emotionally-led decisions.”