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Have you ever thought about building your own “natural home”? Perhaps you dream of constructing a “hobbit house” into the side of hill and living in harmony with surrounding environment.  Maybe a cob house is more your style of eco living.  Natural home design can be an easy and affordable way to give you peace of mind through sustainability.

For natural home building ideas and inspiration look no further than naturalhomes.org. This online resource aims to help people find out about homes built using healthy and sustainable natural materials.  The website features a Natural Homes Map, with a wonderful selection of straw bale, cob, oak and other homes made from natural materials to inspire you to build one for yourself.

The Natural Homes site lists training courses offered all over the world for all kinds of ecohome building.

Another great resource for natural living is Natural Home & Garden Magazine, whose blog is full of tips and information for DIY’ers. Topics include Green Decor and Design, Green Gardening and Green Home building.

To read more about people dwelling in natural homes, have a go at this article on the Natural Home & Garden Magazine website:

“A Hobbit House” – Gary and a third-generation stonemason hauled boulders to build the dry-rubble foundation, the doorway, and the fireplace. Gary created the window seat out of granite and a cedar log that he found in the nearby woods. His wife, Delores, a stained-glass artist, made the dining room windows.