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How important are floor plans when it comes to property marketing?

It’s not necessarily a question that you have ever asked yourself, but with the prevalence of online property marketing and a consumer bias towards visual media, it’s one you really should.

Floor Plans an Important Part of Property Marketing Materials

Floor plans are a hugely representative part of your property marketing package and play an essential role in allowing the online audience to envisage your spaces when making their initial decisions about whether your property is worth further investigation.

“But floorplans are floorplans,” we hear you say, and you are right – floorplans are inflexible in that they MUST be accurately representative of the space available – but the floorplan creation process offers a number of options, each of which offers the online audience a different level of access and envisagement.

Take, for example, your standard 2D floorplan. It does exactly what is required of it, no more and no less, by representing in two dimensions the available space in a property. So how can 2D floor plans be improved?
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Getting the Most from Your Property Floor Plans

Attention to detail really is key when it comes to getting the most out of all of your marketing materials, floorplans included.

Simple additions such as subtle colour shading can add to an impression of quality, while the addition of room layouts and furniture can help potential buyers to see the real potential of a space.

Plans Help Potential Buyers “See” Your Space

Of course, you could choose to go a step further and opt for an interactive floor plan, which would allow would be buyers to play about with the space available and see how it fits their lifestyle.

Alternatively, you may wish to up your game when it comes to creating a floor plan to sell a house, and choose a 3D version that will allow the online audience to really inhabit the available space during the decision making process.

Use 3D Floorplans for an Immersive Marketing Experience

Want a really immersive property marketing experience? Then combine three dimensional floorplans with a virtual tour feature that house hunters can explore online, helping them to familiarise themselves with the property and build that all important emotional connection with what could be their next home.

Photoplan Offer a Range of Floorplanning Solutions

Here at Photoplan we take great pride in all of our floor plans, and are dedicated to helping you find the marketing materials that best suit your sale including:

  • 2D Floor Plans
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Interactive Floor Plans

…so why not give our floorplan team a call now on 0203 384 7766, to discuss how we can help… in the meantime here are some great examples of floorplanning from our past!

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