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Buying a house is a big commitment – and it seems in some ways surprising that this decision could be influenced by a great photo, well edited web video clip or perfectly laid out property brochure – but the bottom line is it can, and often is.

When you cut it back to basics, house hunters are just consumers like any other, whose choices can be swayed by a slick marketing campaign, and all the slickest marketing campaigns, in our opinion at least, rely on putting temptation in front of our eyes.

Imagery and Aesthetics Aid Lifestyle Marketing

Think about it, a great interior shot of a property is more than just an illustration of a space – it offers a hint at a lifestyle, and the person the buyer could become if they were to invest in this product – a property.

Just like adverts for soft drinks and luxury cars and gadgets, marketing materials for homes need to tap into the house hunter/consumer’s desire to be part of something aspirational.

Consumers Buy Into Visual Media Messages

A beautifully laid out property brochure says more than just what is detailed in the printed copy – everything from the font choice to the photo resolution will be sending a message of quality – and it is this, ultimately, that the consumer will want to buy into.

While the images in any online video clip are able to illustrate the proportions of a property or look of an area, it is great shooting and clever editing that metamorphose this information into something capable of creating a craving in the consumer – which is why it is always worth investing in top quality visual media for home sales.