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Did you know that the number eight has magic powers when it comes to property marketing… well almost anyway?

This is because surveys have revealed that house hunters need to see eight homes before they will be willing to commit to buy – giving us an interesting insight into how we can expect to sell houses.

House Hunters Need Two or Three Months to Choose

According to the research, carried out by energy company E.ON, a third of house hunters take between two and three months to decide on a home to buy, and are not ready to make a commitment to one property before they have viewed an average of eight homes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to quiz interested parties wanting to check out your property and turn them away unless they have already seen seven – as property shoppers may well end up plumping for the first property they saw – once they have checked out the competition!

…But Some Homes Sell Without Being Seen!

Interestingly though, the same survey revealed that a small percentage of buyers(3%) feel ready to purchase a property as “soon as they are aware of it being on the market” – meaning as soon as they spot it up for sale, which would indicate that your initial property marketing material really could be the thing that sells your home for you (once you have factored in location, cost and the amount of work needed!)

The fact that, thanks to the advent of the internet property search, three out of every hundred buyers could potentially commit to a home sight unseen means that it is more important than ever to ensure that you have the correct home marketing materials ready for the online audience.

Tips to Sell Property to an Online Audience

Before letting your home listing go live you might want to consider the following:

Property Photography: Images are your hook; your strongest tool when it comes to attracting the attention of the buying public – don’t allow bad property photography to let you down, consider employing a professional property photographer.

Virtual Tours: Give potential purchaser the opportunity to explore without ever setting foot through the door. A good property photography company hould be able to shoot for a virtual tour at the same time as creating your interior property images.

Floorplans: Providing potential buyers with a floorplan allows them to confirm that your property is a good fit for their lifestyle. Making sure you have a floorplan available online can speed up the decision making process for buyers.

Homesellers Must Remain Hopeful

The latest research just goes to show that sellers can never truly know what will happen with their home sale, and that the best approach to the process is careful property marketing preparation, backed up with a healthy dose of property selling patience!