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So your property is on the market, the property photography has been shot, the virtual tour created and the listing is up online – all you are waiting for is some people to come and see what you have to sell.

But before the first viewers set foot over the threshold, it is important that you (or your agent if you intend to allow them to take responsibility for showing) understand which spaces will really sell your property, and also which spaces have the potential to scupper a sale.

Here we have put together an at a glance guide to DOS and DON’TS for different parts of your home – helping you avoid common property pitfalls and enhance area that have the potential to seal the deal!

Hallway by KeirantHALLWAY:  Ok, so it’s not a “room” as such, but that’s no reason to discount this key player in the battle for the hearts and minds of househunters! The hallway is the FIRST thing potential buyer will see when the cross the threshold of your home, so it needs to set the tone for the entire property. Want to win them over? Think like a supermarket (who place the produce isles at the start of the store to create a feeling of “fresh” that carries over to the other aisles) and use your hallway to trail your homes most positive traits – be they trendy, cosy or family friendly! Well placed object that hint at the properties personality will help set the tone for the rest of your tour.


living roomLIVING ROOM: Despite the amount of time spent in a living room, it’s not really a power player in the world of property purchase. Easily transformed with paint and furniture, what your viewers are looking for here is likely to be simply enough space. If yours is a little on the bijou side, ensure that all possible space is freed up by prepacking and storing unnecessary items and consider substituting furniture favourites with smaller pieces to add to the illusion and help sell your house


KITCHEN by Chalon HomemadeKITCHEN: Have no doubt about it – a great kitchen could sell your house as this room is traditionally the heart of the home, and can create a strong emotional connection with buyers. If yours is not perfect, all is not lost, but you ned to do your best to dress it to impress. Firstly ensure the space is spotless – no one wants to envisage food prep in a place that is less than pristine. Use bowls of colourful fruit and vegetables to help reinforce the feeling of fresh and don’t be shy of a little traditional home scenting, with the smells of baking still capable of acting on a buyers emotions in this area.


Bedroom mazzaliBEDROOM: Fresh, functions and please not too personal are the watchwords in the bedroom. The buyer needs to be able to envisage themselves in situ – and does not want the be confronted with hints of your boudoir antics. Well made beds dressed with fresh linens are a must for viewings, with all clutter cleared away bar a few neutral reminders of relaxation – think a couple of books on the bedside table.


bathroom by ilovebutterBATHROOM: A potential dealbreaker – the bathroom needs addressing if you want to achieve that asking price offer. Got carpet? Get shot! No one wants to thinks of years of  splashes lurking in the fibres, strip it out and replace with neutral hard flooring. Bathmats must be freshly laundered on viewing day, as should any towels left on display. It goes without saying that everything should be shining if you want to sell your house, and do try and hide away personal items that remind viewers of your ongoing presence in the property. Toothbrushes, razors and even used soap bars can all have a negative impact on the impression, forcing the viewing to subconsciously consider YOU using this space as it is intended.