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What Makes a Successful Property Marketing Professional?

This is the question that was posed by a recent study carried out by the property marketing professionals’ community ActiveRain – with the results now released helping agents understand where best to invest their time and money.

According to the results of a survey of more than 1700 estate agents, investing time and money in areas such as technology, social media and customer relations is the best way to boost business.

Habits of High Earning Property Marketing Professionals

The research, which compared the business habits of property marketing professionals in high (over $100,000) and low (under $35,000) wage brackets found that those who committed effort and resources to these areas were much more likely to be successful.

Key findings of the research showed that:

  • Top estate agents are making use of social media marketing for their business and properties on their books. High Earning agents tend to maintain their own blogs as well as having an active presence on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Successful property marketing professional are 78% more likely to make us of web video uploaded sites such as YouTube for both self promotion and property marketing purposes.
  • The best performing agents are usually those with a carefully constructed customer relationship management plan – with top agents much more likely to use targeted direct marketing campaigns via media such as email newsletters. 
Successful Agents Making “Better Use of Technology”

Steve Murray, a property marketing professional with three decades of experience and the brains behind the REAL Trends industry analytics site said: “Today’s most successful real estate professionals are working harder, making better use of technology, and investing more capital in their own success. Smart agents should study this report.”