WellcomeMat Provides Perfect Platform for Videos and Virtual Tours

It’s one of the best kept secrets of US estate agents – providing the perfect platform for sharing videos and virtual tours, but why have we not heard about WellcomeMat before?

In the course of our daily research, Photoplan came across this fascinating property marketing tool – which provides the perfect platform for agents to share their video area guides, 360 virtual tours and more.

Site Dedicated to Visual Property Marketing Media

The website, which is dedicated to the dissemination of visual property marketing media, already has over 14,000 agents with accounts and 3,000 video production companies on its books and claims to be the “most penetrated online and mobile video system in real estate”.

Users of the site are able to upload their visual property marketing media from the office or on the go (with the help of a dedicated mobile app) and can use the site to connect with related professionals to help with the web video production needs anywhere in the world.

Estate agents can take advantage of great branding tools and can learn more about their online audience through the use of WellcomeMat’s analytics.

WellcomeMat Hailed as a Home-Selling Success

Popular real estate writer Barbara Corcoran of MNSBC recently called the site: “The real estate version of YouTube,” and the company, which has featured in a wide range of prominent news and industry publications looks set for even bigger and better things.

To find out more take the WellcomeMat tour on their website – and watch this space for more news on the company’s efforts in the future.