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Web Video for Property Marketing Needs to Tell a Story

As the online property consumer becomes increasingly sophisticated, so selling techniques need to evolve as well, which is one reason behind the emerging trend of storytelling in property marketing web videos.

Where once property marketing web videos were simply a variation on the theme of virtual tours, these days agents and marketing strategists know that in order to get the most milage out of their investment clips must offer a broader appeal.

Web Video Helps Show Property Personality

Storytelling in property videos is becoming more common, with sellers and agents using their imagination to create a story for the home for sale.

The use of web video is now not simply an alternative to great still interior shots, it is a complementary tool which can really serve to boost the image of a home and increase its appeal in a lifestyle sense.

How Do Clever Video Clips Help Property Marketing?

Carefully crafted storytelling video clips can be used to increase a property’s marketing appeal in a number of ways:

  • Add aspirational value to homes by showcasing not just space but lifestyle potential
  • Offer viral potential for online marketing

Tongue in cheek campaigns by Australian agents Neo Property were viewed by tens of thousands of online consumer in the weeks after their launch, while the Photography for Real Estate blog features a regular showcase of the best storytelling in property web video.

For homeowners who want to maximise both their appeal and their exposure, a well though out clip can really make the difference.