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Property marketing pundits in Scotland have denied that the housing market is suffering from a sudden downturn, claiming instead that figures have been distorted by bad weather at the end of the summer.

While the average house price in the country fell by £1,724 in August, property marketing industry insiders say that property owners need not panic, as the phenomenon was precipitated by precipitous cloud conditions!

According to Richard Sexton at e.surv chartered surveyors “freak factors” were to blame for the worrying figures – which represent the sharpest fall month on month since the height of the house price crash.

“The market hasn’t suddenly become a lot weaker,” said Mr Sexton, adding: “August should prove to be just a blot on the copy book of recovery.”

Summer Downpours Hit Home Sales

The poor housing market performance, say property marketing commentators, can be laid squarely at the door of the unusual summer downpours, which saw twice the average amount of rainfall across a number of areas.

The inclement conditions are believed to have had a particular impact on the sale of homes to those looking to move up the property ladder, as they opted to stay home in the dry instead – first time buyers continued to show active interest in spite of the wet weather.

Tips for Selling Homes in Bad Weather

Here at Photoplan, we know how frustrating it can be to wait for a bite, so we have put together a few tips to help weatherproof your property marketing:


  • Plan for Perfect Property Photography: Try and arrange for a professional property photographer to capture your home when the sun is shining – this will help house hunters to see past a dreich day.
  • Capitalise on Cosy: If you have to show your home when the weather is miserable, then make the most of it. Think roaring log fires, cosy soft-lit corners and a really warm welcome!
  • Look Towards Lifestyle: If you live in an area that is often exposed to the elements, you need to make this a selling point. Many people like the idea of living somewhere that is considered a little “on the edge”. There’s nothing more romantic than snuggling up inside while the storm rages, so why not tell people about it in a blog linked to your listing, or through specially created social media accounts?