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Unless you are still stuck in the 1970’s, most Estate Agents across the land will be using digital technology as part of their Property Marketing strategy. If you don’t use a professional marketing company like Photoplan, then you will also probably have a small arsenal of Laser Measurers, Digital Cameras & Dictaphones to hand. So why not add a Smart Watch or Google Glass?

We will try and work out what are the most common daily uses for the new wave of wearable tech coming to market in the next 12 months. We will also try and establish if this is a bad 1990’s revival of the chunky G-Shock style watch or a genuine addition to your new digital life.

Google Glass – Virtual Viewing 

Conduct your viewing virtually to anyone in the world, using the front camera in Google Glass to transmit the viewing walk around around the property.  This would be ideal for those overseas investors and clients not able to attend in person. During the virtual viewing it can be recorded and shared to even more people after. Cutting down on unnecessary viewings for vendor, purchaser and of course the estate agent.

Smart Watch – Star Trek Style Dictaphone 

Most estate Agents still give a very detailed account of what each room, down to the telephone ports and types of lighting. Although this is probably just skimmed over now in our fast paced world.  The wearable 2.0 watch would be ideal for taking recored notes and sending them direct to the office for typing. Beam my description up Scotty!!

Showing you’re one step ahead of the competition

The two ideas above could be very useful if used along side the traditional Professional Property Photography & Floor plans. Also looking ‘cool’ with your new tech, dazzling your vendor with the Google Glass look and having a conversation piece to break the ice on valuations. Maybe just giving you that all important instruction winner, no one else is is doing or offering.

New Tech here to stay

One way or another, this new tech will make it’s way into the fabric of our lives professionally and personally. We believe newer versions of hardware, better software & third party apps will improve the functionality. Also making this technology an indispensable part of the Estate Agency future for years to come.

Moto 360 First look –


Apple Watch –


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