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Virtual Viewings vs Physical Viewings

Property marketing technology is leaping ahead at a feverish pace, with new apps and photography techniques almost coming to market on a monthly basis. The property professional world is at a crossroads, with Online Estate Agents starting to make significant traction in the market. Should we all be using technology more or embracing the older traditional method of the estate agency trade?

One such property marketing technology that is making a real impact, are 360 Virtual Tours, they enable anyone with an internet connection the ability to virtually walkthrough a property.  Also with Google making its own very successful impact in the commercial sector with its Google Business View programme. Adding bsuinesses up and down the country to the Google Plus and Street View platforms.

Is it time that the majority of property viewings were done in a virtual way? Everyone will have their opinions on whether its better to do a physical viewing or a virtual viewing. We do feel that both have a place in modern day property sales or lettings, but which is better overall? We thought we’d re-open the debate on Physical vs Virtual Viewings.

Virtual Viewings – 

  1. Super Quick – so no wasted time or money having to drive to a property.
  2. It’s Virtual – so as long as you have an internet connection you can view from the comfort of your home or office.
  3. Time saving for agents – Save time and money by not needing to do hundreds of viewings a month.
  4. Initial small financial layout to have the Virtual tour created.
  5. You could have one less staff member in the office saving money each month.
  6. Only do an accompanied viewing when purchaser is 99% happy with the property from the 360 virtual tours.
  7. Market Leading estate agency
  8. You can be anywhere in the world.

Physical Viewings – 

  1. Get a real feel for the place, one thing virtual viewings will not bring up, is a connection or feel for a property.
  2. Looking inside every nook and cranny nothing can be hidden
  3. Smell of the place – this defiantly can not be captured in virtual form.
  4. A sneaky peek at the neighbours – No one wants to live next to the neighbours from hell, so a little peek over the fence may give you some clues.
  5. You will need more staff to conduct the viewings so higher wage bill will be a consequence.

So to sum up, we feel both aspects are valid but feel that if property professionals did 360 Virtual Tours as standard then they would see a marked decrease in unnecessary viewings. This would be a massive time and money saver in the longer term, with less staff necessary to do the viewings.  If you can afford the initial outlay for the Virtual Tours creation at the start of the process then you will save money in the longer run.

If you’re not convinced then get in touch with Photoplan for a quote, to create your virtual tours.