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Virtual Tours Help Mark 9/11 Anniversary

Virtual tours of New York’s Ground Zero site this weekend offered the world an opportunity to see hope rising from the ashes of destruction.

As the tenth anniversary of the events of 9/11 was marked across the globe, people from across America and further afield were able to “visit” the poignant site where the iconic twin towers once stood though the medium of 360 virtual tours.

Tour Technology Allows Global Audience to Follow Ground Zero Progress

Using a 360 virtual tour filmed from 3 World Financial Center and hosted on Panoramic Earth visitors were able to watch the new buildings begin to rise from the rubble of the fallen towers in 2008, while a virtual tour uploaded to YouTube offers visitors the chance to acquaint themselves with the planned 2 World Trade Center building – a defiant piece of architecture that will eventually dominate the reconstructed Ground Zero site.

Virtual Tours Offer Tools for Remembering

For those who wish to use virtual tour technology to understand a little more about the lost towers, there are mobile apps available that offer 360 virtual tours from the viewing floors of the fallen South Tower – while the Ground Zero Workshop Museum offers visitors to its website the chance to take a virtual tour of the exhibits on offer – allowing visitors to click on one of a number of the remnants from the site that is housed in the museum collection to identify it and receive an explanation of why it has been included in the memorial collection.