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Videos or Virtual Tours?

With an estimated nine out of 10 homebuyers heading online to conduct their initial house searches, property marketing professionals are well aware of the importance of offering some kind of virtual viewing to the internet audience.

Potential purchasers are keen to get a feel for a home in advance of committing to seeing it in person, and both 360 virtual tours and videos offer agents the opportunity to showcase properties in an online environment. But which medium is best for property marketing purposes? In his property column this week, US real estate broker Ray Pugel said: “Virtual tours of homes have been the mainstay for almost a decade, but now, the showing of homes on the Internet is transcending to video.”  Is this really the case? Here we look at what each technology has to offer property marketing teams.

Videos Send Strong Property Marketing Messages

With online video site YouTube being the second most popular site in the world, and its owners Google sitting at number one, it is no surprise that the video medium receives a good billing in online searches. A full production video allows for a level of direction that cannot be achieved with  360 virtual tours – making it the perfect medium for a property marketing team looking to push home a message, while a carefully crafted videoette can speak more subtly about a property’s potential.

Virtual Tours Offer Autonomy to Explore

However, agents should not rush to mothball virtual tour technology, as it offers autonomy to the viewer, allowing them to tailor the tours to their own queries and questions. Indeed those looking to present a property in a style that suits all would-be buyers may wish to continue offering a choice of virtual viewing medium in order to reap the benefits of both.