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Using Web Video to Sell More than Just Houses

Since the internet revolution began, property marketing professionals have been figuring out ways to turn the tools to their advantage.

More and more estate agents are now using web video as a means of marketing property, but savvy sellers are realising the potential of the medium to broaden their own appeal, sell neighbourhoods and generally increase internet exposure.

Inventive and Engaging Web Video Ideas

One great example of a property marketing pro using web video in inventive and engaging ways is Hawaiian realtor Tom Tezak – who has created a series of video clips carefully crafted not only to showcase his own personality and the appeal of his sales area but also to increase his credibility with a wider online audience.

As an avid photographer, Tom understands the power of visual media – but rather than play it safe by sticking to plain property videos he has branched out into lifestyle marketing on his home island of Maui.

Luxury Lifestyle Property Marketing

Tom’s video clip repertoire includes reviews of local street food trucks, tempting viewers with local delicacies, as well as insights into luxury products from property to Porsches.

Under the banner of “Luxury Maui Real Estate and Lifestyle” Tom uses web video to present a rounded view of life in his sales area – bringing an extra aspect to simple property marketing, as well as creating opportunities to sell to an audience brought in by unrelated organic search.