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Using professional property photography is one of the best ways to promote a home for sale, since eyecatching images of interiors and exteriors are a great way to grab the attention of potential purchasers.

For this reason we would always recommend that home sellers commission professional property photography to best showcase their spaces.

And while some homeowners hesitate at incurring the expense of a professional home photographer, thinking that the images will only be put to one use,  the results of a professional home shoot can be used in a number of ways to help raise the profile of a home for sale.

Using Professional Property Photography in Listings

The first, and most obvious place that professional home photos should be used is in the property listing. Both the paper of particulars (schedule in Scotland) and the online listing should feature professionally shot images, if the home warrants a property brochure this too should feature only professional images.

Share Home Photo Shoots on Social Media

Photographers’ shots from home shoots should also be used as teaser images for social media. A well selected image of a home for sale should be shared on social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, pinned on all relevant borads on the estate agent’s Pinterest profile and uploaded to instagram complete with all appropriate #hashtags that could bring in an audience with an interest in buying property in your style or area.

Consider using professional property pictures as accompaniments to a lifestyle blog about your home for sale, or create a photo blog on a site such as Tumblr to showcase your home in all its glory.

Professional Property Photography in the Press

If your home has a story behind it, consider using the professional property photography to accompany a press release about your home. A great story has a good chance of being featured in local and industry publications, but a great story with an amazing picture is even more likely to be picked up.

Even if there is no story beyond the fact that you have a beautiful home for sale, if you have great professional pictures, consider submitting them to interiors magazines and property supplements as image led features are the bread and butter of these types of publications and you could find that you have secured some amazing free advertising for your property.

Saving Your Professional Property Photography

If you are moving on from a property that has played a significant role in your life, you may wish to keep copies of your professional property photography as keepsakes and aides memoire for your family.

If you are paying for professional property photography be sure to ensure that you will be allowed to keep either digital or hard copies of the images created for you own use – add them to family ums or tuck them away as great conversation starters for your kids in the future!