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US Property Marketing Exposé Claims “Sex Sells”

The world of property is a cut throat one, by all accounts, with agents often willing to go that extra mile to secure a contract.

But a recent insider look at the US industry claimed that some agents were resorting to sordid tactics to seal the deal.

In a piece for the Commercial Observer veteran property marketing professional Adelaide Polsinelli claims knowledge of more than one agent who used their own appeal to help secure a listing.

Home Sellers Lured With Wiles

In the piece, which rips the lid off of unconventional property marketing practices, Polsinelli details a female agent who would lure sellers of prime property to her home under the guise of a party invitation – before using her feminine wiles to convince them to sign on the dotted line.

She also tells of a male property marketing professional who would woo older male and female clients with “random caresses” and a “sly wink”.

Estate Agents Upset by Exposé

However the salacious revelations have incensed some members of the real estate community who claim that the sensational piece serves only to discredit their profession – a claim that Polsinelli refutes, advising right-thinking agents to carve their own path to success.

“Align yourself with a reputable firm. Be sincere, truthful and humble. Nothing can replace experience and a solid reputation,” she said.