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Understanding Buyers’ Needs Key to Perfect Property Marketing

Estate agents who can empathise with home buyers are best placed to offer perfect property marketing, according to one successful veteran realtor.

Coldwell Banker’s Katie Falk, who has over three and a half decades experience matching homes and buyers, says grasping house hunters needs is the best way for agents to achieve success.

Tailor Property Marketing to Lifestyle Preferences

Speaking to the Journal Sentinel’s House and Home supplement, the experienced property marketing professional explained that agents who can grasp the demands of client situations and lifestyle preferences are in the best position to pair them with homes they are likely to go on and purchase.

Sharing her expertise, Ms Falk explained that compassion and caring were key attributes for agents who want to achieve and added that understanding what was important to the client was “the most important ingredient.”

Empathic Estate Agents Offer Improved Experiences

Her perception of what makes a stand out estate agent is in stark contrast to the stereotypes often perpetuated about the property marketing industry, but her 36-year career is proof positive that a client focused approach can improve professionals’ career prospects, as well as buyer experiences.

Explaining her personal property marketing philosophy Ms Falk said: “It’s a whole picture, it’s not just about selling houses, it’s about understanding where the family is going to be happiest

“The most important thing is to be honest, ethical and open.”