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Turn up that Thermostat – Buyers Will Warm to a Heated Home

Ok so we know that it is important to keep energy usage down, but if you are in the middle of the property marketing process, then now  could be  the time to crank the heat up just a bit.

This is because property marketing professionals say that buyers may be put off by a home that seems cold on entry – something that is much more likely at this time of year.

Winter Weather Can Cause Property Marketing Problems

While many households choose the beginning of the year as the time that they start a new home search, chilly winter weather could put sellers at a disadvantage as a welcoming warmth is a key part of the property marketing package.

According to chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), Peter Bolton King, heating your home is all part of creating the best first impression.

Mr Bolton King said: “At this time of year more than any other […] home buyers will be keen to know that the heating system works, and works efficiently.Make sure the house is warm when you welcome potential buyers in.”

Sellers Should Plan Ahead the Create Cosy Showings

The top property marketing professional explains that sellers may need to think ahead to ensure they get the temperature right for visiting viewers, recommending that working vendors set a thermostat timer if they will be showing the home soon after getting in from work and everyone tackle areas that can seem cooler, for example by adding extra insulation.