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National newspaper The Telegraph has put together a list of its Top 20 Small Estate Agents – recognising the efforts of industry workers across the country.

Working on the assumption that all the shortlisted and nominated agents must be good at what they do (why else would they have been suggested otherwise?!) the list compilers looked at what the property marketers did as part of their regular working practice to go above and beyond on behalf of their clients.

In a tough market it takes more than just being a good estate agent to sell houses – and this list shows how some qualities can really give home selling professionals the edge with…

  • innovation
  • attention to detail
  • sense of humour

… seemingly being key to standing out from the crowd in a competitive industry hit hard by the current economic climate.

Reading through the full list of the Top 20 Small Estate Agents it becomes clear that agents who move with the times and embrace modern marketing means, at the same time as keeping the client relationship at the forefront of their operations are most likely to succeed – both in terms of sales and of public perception.

Top Tips for Improving Your Estate Agency

Want you agency to be part of the list next time round? We’ve put together a list of important elements that could help improve your chances!

  • A Great Social Media Strategy: A number of the agencies featured in the list were making great use of their social media strategies to connect with potential clients and publicise homes for sale. Top agencies were not just paying lip service to social media – but were also creating their own unique linkbait-type content (including online games and viral videos) making them key players in the online property selling community.
  • Involvement in Community Work: Great local estate agents care about their communities – it is obvious from The Telegraph list that charity work and involvement in community projects are well perceived and help property sellers to be successful – in the short term they help with public perception, in the long term they help build more desirable communities pushing up house prices and benefiting agencies selling in the area.
  • Ability to Laugh at Yourself: Estate agents know they are pert of an industry that attracts criticism, and this isn’t going to change in the near future. So why not go with the flow? It obviously didn’t hurt Douglas an Gordon, #1 on the Telegraph list, when their estate agent mockumentary on YouTube went viral last year, and  agent Ralph Bending of Glastonbury squeezed in at #20 with help from his online game which allows clients to “beat the estate agent” virtually hitting him about the face as he spouts off in estate agent speak.
  • Unstinting Honesty: With a reputation as an industry where truth if often offered at something of an angle, estate agents who give out unstinting honesty have been receiving some good press recently. For clients it follows that agents who can be honest in descriptions will be more trustworthy throughout the process.

Of course, we can’t promise anyone an award – but we can offer to help any agency looking to improves its image in 2013 by providing access to amazing photographic and design services here at Photoplan.