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Tips for Winter Property Marketing – How to Sell Your Home in the Off Season

Home sellers have been enjoying something of a property marketing boost with the recent unseasonable warm offering an unexpected opportunity to extend the traditional selling period further into the winter months, but as the mercury drops and the fogs descend, it’s time for vendors to consider their approach to winter selling.

While sales of home typically drop off over the winter months, home selling specialists and property marketing consultants advise that it is still possible to bag a buyer in the cold weather – an outcome that can be helped by tailoring property marketing efforts to the demands of the season. With this in mind we’ve put together a few tips for winter selling, in the hopes of helping those with homes for sale to make the most of the off season.

  • Cold-Weather Kerb Appeal: Chilly days make drive-bys even more appealing to buyers, so make sure your home looks great from the road. Consider using potted evergreens such as festive firs to add interest at the front door and show you care about exterior spaces. With dark descending early in the evening, those who work outside the home may wish to invest in timers for lamps so windows will glow with a welcoming light this winter. Make sure to wash all windows so make the most of natural light during daytime showings.
  • Watch out for the Weather: As frosts and snow arrive you will need to ensure easy access to your home. Grit paths and driveways on your property as routine and shovel snowfall out of the way as it arrives.
  • Add Seasonal Touches to Staging: If you or a property marketing professional staged your home for sale during the summer months, now is the time to reassess. Think soft textures and rich hues to add a winter-friendly accent to rooms. If you plan to decorate your home for the festive season think tasteful and traditional since gaudy, glittery and garish choices can scare away buyers. If you do have showings during the festive period, take advantage of the opportunities for seasonal home scenting with welcoming aromas such as pine needles, mulled wine spices or holiday baking – you can even offer viewers the results as a tipple or nibble.                   
  • Keep it Winter Warm: If you are expecting a visit from viewers make sure all of your home is toasty warm. Turn up the heat in unused rooms as chilly spaces can put off buyers on a subconscious level. If you have an open fire or solid fuel stove and will be present for the viewing, make sure it is lit and established in advance of a buyer’s arrival. If property marketing professionals are showing your home in your absence – set heating timers to ensure the home will still be warm and welcoming.