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Did you know today is “Don’t go to work unless it’s fun day”?

We did! And yes, we are still here!

That’s because we genuinely believe that property marketing is fun.

We love our jobs creating amazing property marketing materials for some stunning spaces, so we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you why Photoplan property marketing is so much fun (and hence why we have turned up to work today!)

1: We Drive Cool Cars!


Go on, admit it, you’d love to be nipping around town in one of our Fiat 500s! Not only are they fun and frivolous, they are also easy to park, congestion charge exempt and kind to the environment!

2: There is always coffee!

there is always coffee

Who isn’t happy when the Joe is flowing?  Exactly.

3: We like each other!


So much so that we all went to Amsterdam together last year to celebrate 10 years of Photoplan success!

4: We get to play with the latest gadgets!


From the latest mobile platforms to quadcopter drones for aerial shots, we have to be up to date with what is happening in our industry – which means playtime is paid! Whoop!


5: We Get to Look At Stunning Properties!

Whether we are shooting professional property photography for website or brochures, creating floorplans or virtual tours, one of the big perks of our job is getting access to amazing interiors that other only get to see in the pages of glossy magazines.

You can’t be a professional property photographer and not appreciate aesthetics – which is why we find property shoots in stunning spaces great fun!

Check out these images for a little insight into why we enjoy it so much:

boat 2penthouse


See? Property marketing is FUN – at least it is when you do it with Photoplan!* We hope you are all enjoying your jobs as much as we are… now stop reading this blog and GET BACK TO WORK!