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When creating images of a home to use in online listings, it is really important that the shots have something to distinguish them from the crowd, stand out above other homes in the area, and encourage people to click through for more info and images.

One popular property photography technique currently is to shoot the main exterior image of a home for sale at twilight, in order to create atmosphere.

Night Time Property Photography

While twilight photography has long been a popular feature of high end property brochures, the practice has now begun to filter down to the middle market as homeowners look for ways to make a home stand out in online listings.

Indeed, it seems twilight shots can be so effective at grabbing attention that the Photography for Real Estate (PFRE) blog have made them part of their  recently published Basic Principles of Real Estate Photography, saying:

“The front shot is the most important shot because it motivates potential buyers to look at the rest of the photos/marketing. Use a twilight and/or elevated shots if at all possible.”

The practice is also recommended by property search giant Rightmove, whose blog recently declared: “Night photos are a real eye catcher!”

Boost Online Home Listing With Twilight Shots

Twilight shots allow your home to literally shine online, as lighting brightens features and draws the eye of the house hunter. Depicting a property after dark in imagery can also have the effect of “inviting” people in, hopefully motivating property browsers to go ahead and book that viewing!