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Property marketing professionals in Texas are taking lessons in sharp-shooting in order to be better able to protect themselves on the job, it was reported this week.

According to the Waco Tribune Herald, 26 real estate agents from the area joined a 10 hour course teaching them all the necessary skills to qualify them for a license to carry a concealed handgun.

Packing Heat for Property Marketing

The course, which was organised as part of Realtor Safety Month, prepared the property marketing pros for venturing out to work while carrying a gun – something which most of the graduates have now vowed to do.

Agents who signed up for the instruction listed a range of motivations for taking part in the training, from having felt threatened by supposed “house hunters” in the past, to being concerned about who they might meet when visiting out of the way properties or having personal experience of situation where they felt they would have been better protected if they had been carrying firearm

Estate Agents are “Vulnerable”

Course operator Parnell McNamara, who claims that ‘a gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone’ praised the estate agents decision to take charge of their personal safety and said: ““Real estate agents are very vulnerable. I think it is great that they want to learn how to protect themselves.”

  • While UK agents cannot carry weapons to property themselves during the property marketing process – they can find information on how to stay safe during showings by visiting www.suzylamplugh.org – the personal safety charity set up in memory of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh who went missing after arranging a showing alone.