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Over the last six months, we have seen a huge increase in demand for 360 Virtual Tours, this is quite amusing to us as we have been pushing 360’s for some time. Having been at the forefront of all things 360 Virtual Tours for the last ten years, its great to finally see uptake and implementation. 360 Virtual Tours used to be terribly disjointed panoramic images, with awful interactivity enabling you to simply scroll left and right. They were shot badly with dark images and bad stitching. All this combined and delivered with incompatible flash players.


With the development of HTML5 360 virtual tours and the use of exceptional plugin software you can now have a vast array of interactive elements. Google Maps integration, Floor Plan navigation, Hot Spot navigation, Videos embedding and much much more. They also work perfectly on your mobile device or tablet with Gyroscopic movement it feels as if you are actually in the space or property.

Google Cardboard & Samsung Gear VR

Google cardboard that super simple and cheap idea, to insert a mobile phone into a cardboard device and have a DIY style Virtual Reality experience. This has revolutionised and democratised the medium of Virtual Reality to the masses. There is no longer any need to spend hundred or thousands of pounds on a device. Samsung have truly adopted VR into their ecosystem with the Samsung Gear VR and the Samsung Gear 360 camera. Their offering is a much better experience than any Google cardboard device, it also feels more substantial and works very well indeed.

Facebook & Oculus Rift

When Mr Zuckerberg decided to part with a little bit of Facebook’s cash. He purchased Oculus Rift and this immediately generated huge amounts of free press coverage, of what is still a niche idea. Virtual reality has been bubbling away for as long as I can remember when Lawnmower Man was made into a film in the early 90’s then terrible VR gaming in arcades around the world. The idea wasn’t up to the technology of the time, bad graphics and massive head piece meant a crooked neck as well as blurry eyes from all the pixels. Recently Facebook has enabled you to upload Panoramic images directly onto your feed, 360 Virtual Tours are finally mainstream and we love that they are becoming more widely accepted and demanded.

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360 Virtual Tours Portfolio

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