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Taking Social Media Property Marketing to the Next Level

In the present day property market, most agents are aware of the importance of social media to help promote homes for sale, but for some the time has come to test the power of the tool in new and exciting ways.

Agents across the world now routinely tweet and share details of their available listings online, offering easy access to promotional materials such as home details, floorplans and property photography through a medium that is both friendly and familiar.

Whetting Buyer’s Appetites with Social Media

But innovative agents are now taking social media property marketing beyond the realms of network-based mailshots and into a whole new arena. These savvy sellers are creating entire online identities for aspirational areas and developments – allowing those already ensconced to network openly with others in their area, while at the same time whetting the appetites of potential purchasers.

Using tools such as blogging, Facebook fan pages, Twitter profiles and YouTube these property marketing pioneers are able to offer house hunters an insight into a community’s identity and allow them to fully engage with the idea of living in a certain area.

The strategy is ideally suited to developments such as new build communities and apartment complexes, but can also be adapted for established areas where agents hold a number of homes and even, in certain circumstances, for individual prestige properties.

Social Media Marketing Satisfies ‘Hunger for Human Connection’

One agent already operating such a social media strategy is Robin Speronis of Zen Real Estate who is using blogging to offer a unique insight. Robin says this type of property marketing speaks to buyers’ “hunger for human connection” and allows them to envisage a life in a new home in a way that facts and figures cannot.