Selling houses is a competitive business and vendors need to do everything in their power to give their property the edge on the competition…

But a recent selling guide put together by estate agents shows that these days getting the edge is about more than just keeping a home clean and tidy and filled with the scent of freshly baked bread.

While traditional tips such as decluttering, home scenting and strategic lighting continue to hold true, today estate agents are recommending a few more radical moves for homeowners looking to attract buyers at the best possible prices.

Here we look at three of the most radical recommendations from the latest guide to selling houses.

1: Take Off the Doors

Not the external doors obviously! The lounge door definitely, and possibly other downstairs barriers – with the intention of creating a more open plan living space. Removing doors has both a physical and psychological effect during the property selling process in that reducing the need for ‘swing space’ actually increases the useable area in room, while removing these potential obstacles also increases the feeling of freedom and connectedness  within the property – making it a more appealing prospect to many potential purchasers. (Top tip, hang on to the doors you remove – if viewers express concern that they are lacking you can tell them they will be included in the sale!)

2: Rip up the Carpets

They may be cosy and comfy but carpets are not a big pull for buyers – and certainly not part of the prevailing style. If you really want to keep your floor coverings, consider stripping at least one of your downstairs spaces back to reveal the floorboard potential of your property, and remember that any carpets left in place should be professionally cleaned before viewings begin and kept vacuumed clean throughout the marketing process – no one wants to walk about on the detritus of someone else’s life. It is just offputting.

3: Buy a New Car

The big bonus with the one is that you get to take it with you at the end of the sale! The theory behind this tip is all about enhancing kerb appeal and creating an aspirational impression. If you have a great house but are driving a bit of a banger then potential purchasers’ overall perception of the properties desirability could be affected. The subconscious effect of parking a posh car outside your property is that it helps enhance the lifestyle aspects of your property. A swanky new ride says “this is a place where successful people live” – the offshoot being that house hunters want to move in and be just as successful themselves!